Our Mission

Enable the consistent capturing, sharing, interoperability and preservation of family history metadata through effective planning, standardization and frequent communications to archives, libraries, history organizations, standards bodies, commercial vendors and websites in order to establish, adopt, and promote this metadata.

Our Purpose

We seek to enhance the value of digital media about people by refining the process and capability for storing and embedding metadata

Board Members

Chair, Chris Desmond – MemoryWeb.me

Vice Chair, Rick Voight – Vivid-Pix.com

Secretary, Robert Friedman – Permanent.org

Gordon Clarke – FamilySearch International

Maureen Taylor – MaureenTaylor.com

Luther Tychonievich – FHISO.org

Founding Group Members at Large

Joel Cannon – FHISO.org

Beth Ann Wiseman – FamilySearch International

Nancy Desmond – MemoryWeb.me