The following represents our current roadmap toward widespread support of family history metadata. It represents a best-effort estimate about our process. We anticipate it will change as we proceed and learn more.

  1. Definition of our scope and mission (done)
  2. Survey and categorization of existing photo metadata tags (ongoing)
    1. Selection of types of information of interest (done)
    2. Collection and definition of use of tags in each group (ongoing)
    3. Creation of recommendations on which tags to read and/or write
    4. Creation of recommendations on how to handle conflicting metadata
  3. Documentation of recommended use of existing tags for family history
  4. Building commitment to implement metadata by software providers
  5. Consideration of paths to standard status for recommendations
  6. Requirements collecting for recommended additional metadata
  7. Development of new metadata recommendations
  8. Interaction with existing metadata standards bodies to investigate feasibility of adding new tags
  9. And beyond…